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Posted on 3 April 2016

Power supply is a vital element in the running of a data centre. Any data centre requires an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to ensure continuous operation. Lima offers the design of robust UPS systems that supply continuous regulated AC power to critical loads – regardless of voltage variations, transient peaks, frequency variations and short or long power cuts within the limits of the scope of supply specified – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The UPS backup systems with N+1 redundancy comprise of two UPSs each providing capability to handle 100% of the load (plus 30% spare capacity). Two UPSs run in parallel and are located in separate rooms. Each UPS feeds a distribution board via a synchronisation unit.

Indoor/underground multi-storey car parks

Indoor/underground multi-storey car parks

Posted on 3 April 2016

Multi-storey car park

Lighting in underground multi-storey car parks normally operates 24/7. Power consumption has a major impact on the car park running costs.


In some instances customers avoid maintenance such as replacing faulty luminaires as a way of reducing cost, ignoring customers' safety and lighting level requirements.


As an independent company, Lima offers design calculation and selection of advanced flicker-free LED luminaires with integrated control and remote monitoring systems to maximise saving.

The negative effects of flickering light

Posted on 3 May 2016

Studies have shown that visible flicker is usually noticed at frequencies below 100 Hz and invisible above 500 Hz. Both visible and non-visible flicker are of concern.


The negative physiological effects of flicker are well studied and documented. They include headaches, migraines, eyestrain, distraction, and in severe cases, epileptic seizures.

Medical vacuum Pump system

Posted on 24 July 2016

Vacuum pump system

A vacuum facility is essential at hospitals and surgical centres so it is vitally important resilience is built in across the entire system.


In order to meet the Healthcare Technical Memorandum (HTM) N+1 standard, we believe that:


  • Duty and secondary pumps should be installed in two separate rooms in separate fire zones so that N+1 is more adequate


  • Instead of a single essential power supply (i.e. backup by a standby generator). two supplies (from two separate sub stations with cables installed via two routes) will give much more resilience.


Recently, Lima designed and commissioned a reliable changeover for duty / secondary and generator supplies using state of the art technology ensuring minimum down time of medical vacuum plant

Three phase UPS

synchronisation unit

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The units have reduced fuel usage… the number and size of generators used… [and] ongoing maintenance costs. We have already placed an order to fit units on another 5 mobile belts

Jason Lowe, Quarry Manager




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